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I am taking a break from pedals/business to focus on writing/music starting in February 2023. I may not return! Just remember, your repair warranty is always honored - I will still fix pedals I built as much as I can. If you have any issues or concerns with an order or product from the shop - just contact me via email or phone and I will take care of you. Rock on, axe-slingers! Thank you for 12 awesome years of building.

Keep in mind; you can still order a pedal at FULL MENU PRICE, but you will be waiting 4-6 WEEKS for build completion.





On February 5th, 2022 Garland FX will be adjusting it's shop menu in order to pursue alternative pedal production strategies and potentially a better menu offering.

Thanks and best wishes! Happy New Year and hope everyone has a great Holiday and 2022.



Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know I am hard at work on your pedal orders and doing my best to get them out in a timely ETC. Keep checking the build list for your ordrer status.

Clients who ordered special knobs, or have a pedal with parts on order may experience a wait on pedal completion - mostly due to vendor stock, and USPS/Mail slowdown in the last month.

We appreciate your orders during this recent shop move, and we really REALLY appreciate your patience with your discounted sale orders. You guys got an amazing deal on the Pests and other stuff you ordered, so just hang tight and let your man Pat do his magic. I've got everyone's special finishes noted, special knobs ordered, and ETC's up to date. Just in time for the holiday season.

Be well, axe-slingers! More updates coming to your individual emails with tracking ASAP!







Vacation time folks, I'm taking a month or two off of promotions and sales to focus on moving my current shop/home and re-organize the layout of the ordering process.

Orders are welcome, just keep in mind these may take 4-5 weeks if I am busy with moving priorities.

Thank you for your support, axe-slingers.










Thank you so much to all of my newest clients coming in from Schockrock and Scott's plugs from last weekend!

I am in process of getting everyone's enclosures and finishes started this week with orders shipping out as soon as they are complete.

You're all looking at around 4 weeks, guys - just was not expecting that many orders that quickly. We are ready to knock these out and get your custom tone on your board ASAP! Stay tuned for personal updates via email. If we are having an issue with a finish or need more information, we will contact you directly. If you haven't heard from us, check your email.

Special thank you to Barry from GuitarPCB for making sure your circuit orders were in stock and on the way fast!!

Check the CLIENT BUILD LIST for an ETC on your pedal order.









Saves you 20% on any order until 2.1.2021. Let's make this new year a great one!

Rock on, axe-slingers!!





Thank you to everyone for your support during this particularly rough year. We hope to bring you some musical joy during this holiday season!

All pedals are discounted through Jan 2nd, 2021, with BEST SELLERS REDUCED TO 95$ THRU CHRISTMAS DAY!

Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year! Let's make 2021 sound awesome!!




If you want a discount code early, just contact us. Otherwise discount code will be active from 11/27/2020-12/1/2020

Stay tuned and we will post the code publicly at midnight, 11/27!




**EMBLEMS ARE CURRENTLY BEING REORDERED, These are limited availability so just order your pedal and if we don't have it upon build completion we will mail you one when they arrive!

Please feel free to contact us about holiday pricing before the black Friday madness if you plan on ordering a few things!




Our menu has re-opened with new 'eblemized' pedals! Get your order in before the holiday rush!!

If there's a pedal you remember from our previous menu that you'd still like - just contact us and we will make it for you via invoice.

Rock on, axe-slingers!!




We are rebranding the menu - so for now we're going to be taking a break from pedal building starting today. Stay tuned for a better looking product menu, plus future giveaway and promotional news.

Current orders will finish out and ship on time, but after that I will not be taking orders until further notice.

Thank you and be well, axe-slingers!



Hurricane Laura is coming nearby but I don't think it will actually affect us. Atleast let's hope it doesn't.





Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know you are currently at 4-5 week wait on build order completion. Mail is running slow due to COVID19 slowdown in Harris County and around the country + we are receiving parts much slower than normal. Hang in there and we will get your order out asap. If you have any questions about your pedal order please contact us at garlandfx2@gmail.com





Harris County is advising residents to practice quarantine protocol again as the virus seems to be making a big impact in the Houston area lately. We've been following these measures pretty much the same since March, so we will continue to build pedals as scheduled until we are given a complete shutdown order. We understand the severity of this situation and are monitoring it closely. Stay safe, and be well axe-slingers!






Covid-19 is still a concern in Harris County (Houston) so please give the USPS an extra day or two on these latest shipments. This includes global shipments - we had a package take almost 2 1/2 months to reach Australia when the Covid Shutdown began; so please be patient! Still taking good care to stay clean and safe with pedal builds, packaging, and our encounters with the USPS drop off. We're doing our best to ensure that no one is getting a contaminated pedal, period. Either way - just hang in there and your pedal will arrive safe and sound.

Much love, axe-slingers!!


Hey folks, just wanted to give a product update regarding paint.

Montana has officially discontinued the Silver Spider paint, and I worry the Black Spider is soon next. I will be fulfilling this finish request until the can is empty - so please understand if your pedal comes up after the paint is gone.

Hopefully they re-issue it or add more colors!! Fingers crossed, axe-slingers!



Thank you for your support during these last couple of months dealing with Corona-virus/Quarantine issues.

As of today we are continuing International Shipments - things are finally reopened in our area of Texas, and we feel confident that the USPS will not hold or inhibit any international shipments at this time.

Order away, axe-slingers!! You have 10 more days to save 25% off of our entire menu!



At this time Garland FX will only be taking USA orders. International USPS shipments have been acting strange since as early as mid March, including a pedal we sent to StarGazer in Australia. This particular pedal has been un-scanned since March 30, and we don't know if it is in the USA or on it's way or what. I firmly feel that the COVID19 issues have caused a stoppage in the international shipping world. So until further notice, please only USA customers.

Be well!



Hey everyone, we're still up and running, building pedals for our clients. Custom pedal orders are discounted 25% off until the regional self-shutdown ends. Houston has had events shut down since early March. We are having packages for clients picked up by USPS instead of using a post office drop in order to reduce our presence in social surroundings. Every pedal is built in a clean environment and every package is double sealed to prevent contamination. You can trust that your pedal is safe to handle and play! We do however recommend disinfecting packages with a basic paper cloth/Lysol/soapy water mixture before opening if you don't feel safe about your mail. We are doing everything we can to build your pedals in a safe manner. Together we can keep the world entertained and the economy still rolling! Every order placed serves to help pay another small business with parts orders, etc. So don't be afraid to order!!



This weekend was completely unreal - we sold nearly all of our pedals that we brought, and even sold the demo 1970 unit. Holy cow what a time we had on the River-walk! I can't thank all of our new clients, contributors, and my friends and family enough for making this all possible. Thanks to clients like you we can connect and rock with more local players through shows and generate more buzz about homegrown Houston tone! Be on the look out for more dealers, more demos, more collaborations, and more projects turning into products.

Congrats to Will Wolfinger!! Winner of the Cosmo Delay Giveaway Raffle! It helped us gather inventory for the show, and we generally think we could have easily had less pedals for new clients without your help  - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Current pedal clients, stay tuned and prepare for build updates.



Garland FX is geared up and packed - it's time to hit the road for the Alamo Guitar Bazaar on the Riverwalk!!

Special THANK YOU to everyone who helped with donations by entering our Cosmo Delay Giveaway Raffle or by ordering a pedal - it truly contributed and we were able to fully prep for the show.


We will announce the Delay Giveaway winner at 7pm CDT Friday 2/21!!





2/22 + 2/23 2020

We'll be there selling pedals and meeting our fans/friends - so come out and support Garland FX during the show! It's right on the Riverwalk in San Antonio and it will be a super rockin' time for sure.

As we prepare for the show we will have an open raffle to win a custom splatter painted Cosmo Delay - enter by purchasing a raffle ticket in the online store. Raffle begins 1/20/2020 and ends 2/22 when we begin the show!


Customers placing orders between 1/25-2/25 will be on a holding list - we will be too busy prepping pedals for this show to fulfill orders until 2/25. Please be patient and understand that our attention is diverted to tonal pursuit in our local community!

Rock on axe-slingers, and we'll see you at the Alamo!!



Happy New Year, axe-slingers!

The year has begun with a giant momentum push - more trade show action, new upcoming pedals, and great dealer additions have us excited for 2020.

However, with a heavy heart I want to express my sadness and respect to a couple of very good people that the world of music lost in 2019.

Austin Thomerson was a guitar player, salesman, and connoisseur that lost his life trying to stop a Pawn Shop robbery in November here in the Belaire area of Houston. He was a Houston music scene native, having played in numerous bands - particularly Sugar Shack. We met briefly at the Amigo show in October 2019, but it was enough to leave a lasting impact. He fascinated me with his stories of glory days from the past, and his knowledge of guitar gear. He offered valuable critique of my work and definitely inspired me to keep going in the world of pedal effects with his enthusiasm for what I was doing. RIP Austin, thank you for your contributions to the world of music.

Kim Shattuck was my first professional client. She played in the Pixies, the Muffs, Raw Deal, and many other alternative based rock bands which you have probably heard. I'll never forget her version of Kids in America which was featured on the Clueless soundtrack. My sister owned that album and I loved the vocals and guitar tracks of the song. Her tone was cool. I gave Kim an ' Aeon Drive'/ 'Omni OD' in 2011/2012 when I first began reaching out to my favorite artists. She was receptive and was more than happy to take it on. She loved the pedal! Although I'll always regret that I never had a more secure 9v battery unit - she emailed me and reported that ' the battery is sort of loose and kicking around in the pedal '. hahaha. These days I would have had a more workable solution. I really hope Kim enjoyed my work, as I was trying hard to make good gear for players and share the discoveries I had made. Often I wondered if she still had it and was using it. The saddest thing is I tried contacting her again in September 2019 to see if she wanted one of my newest pedals which I knew she would have loved - that pedal is of course the Pink Drive. I'll always have an ache in my heart for not having been able to show her how far I'd come and how much of an even cooler OD I had to show her. Now there are two people who owned my first pedals that have passed on to the great gig in the sky. I have decided to immortalize Kim as much as possible by linking her in the Artists page. People should know about her work, and I want to help that. ALS claimed Kim's mortal life, but it won't take away her art. RIP Kim Shattuck, you were a great friend and I'll always be inspired by your approval of my work!






Thank you so much to everyone who placed pedal orders during this holiday seaon!

Stay tuned for new pedals, new sales, and even better service than before! We might even throw in a couple of trade shows again, who knows? We're talking to you, San Antonio!

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


PINK DRIVES and COSMO DELAYS are on sale all weekend thru 11/18!




GO ASTROS! One last game to seal the deal! Take advantage of World Series celebrations as all pedals are on sale through midnight tonight - use code: GOSTROS to save 15% on any order!

Giant Robot Distortion is in final prototype development - some changes and styling may change from the original release posts, but it's still the same hard hitting metal concept.

Stay tuned, axe-slingers!!



New GarlandFX dealer! Rockin Robin Guitars and Music in Houston has Weapon Boosts in stock and more coming! They just ordered a few things that you should expect to see well before mid-November and into the holiday season.

Steamboat Amps is also stocking up and should have just about every GFX pedal in stock very soon!

If you're a local dealer please contact us immediately and get some dealer costs and info! We ship both locally and globally.

Keep grinding, axe-slingers!!




GIANT ROBOT - it is a go! We are in the final stages of prototype prep/testing and we will be releasing Giant Robot on schedule pending any parts issues or technicalities leading up to Halloween day.






WOW AMIGOS! What a show, we sold half our inventory and made it home in one piece - we actually made enough profit to allow us to stay an extra night and make it super easy to get the girlfriend and dog back home safe, not to mention all of our gear that we packed.

I want to personally thank everyone who was involved in the giveaway raffle leading up to the Amigo show - we raised about 100$ which is exactly the value of the Pink Drive we donated - and that money helped us pay for gas, food, and lodging costs. We are so grateful that you pitched in and helped us out - it means everything to us that you care enough about our business to help us prep for the trade shows we dream about attending. It allows us to connect to our guitar community locally and worldwide by demonstrating our products, and getting us together with clients in the area. It was a surreal experience meeting our fans and selling pedals to our Instagram followers!

Much love, Amigos!! We'll do more shows soon!!






2 MORE DAYS!! We're nearly ready to get going to Ft. Worth for the Amigo Guitar Show this weekend. If you haven't entered into the raffle giveaway for a Pink Drive - go to our products and click the entry page! Good luck to our entry participants and see you at the show on Thursday-Sun!!






We are booked and ready to get going! Right now is the crunch time leading up to the event and we are focusing on show inventory pedals. Current custom client orders are now at around 3 weeks ETA. Please be patient as we are slightly overwhelmed in prepping for the Amigo Guitar show. We are still dedicated to delivering your pedal to you within the given time-frame.






Garland FX will be attending the 2019 Amigo International Guitar Show in Ft. Worth, TX on Oct 5-6th!

It's being held at the Will Rogers Auditorium, and you can get more information on attending the show at https://www.amigoguitarshows.com/amigoint/

Come visit us and test out your favorite Garland FX pedals with the builder himself! We'll be doing an online giveaway, and an in-person giveaway at the show. Visit our raffle entry on the homepage product screen to enter!






Oh boy oh boy, Pedal of the Day just released their review/demo of the new HTX Active Combo!! Check it out HERE!!




Unfortunately I am no longer offering customized pedals or clones/custom builds. Client requests for special design on their pedal are now limited to what we offer in the Finishes + Options menu. If a certain type of LED, Knob, or Finish is for whatever reason unattainable per your order - I will be alerting you via email and advising you per that order. 

Thank you for understanding.



Follow @garland_fx and @sonicstompers on Instagram and share the #sonicstompgiveaway post to participate in an awesome pedal+stomper giveaway!! Ends May 31, 2019





HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAT!! ALL PEDALS DISCOUNTED THRU 3-1-2019!! Special thanks to all of my family, friends, and clients that have made these latest pedals so great!


The Garland FX stable-of-demo-artists has been busy and growing! The new Symbiote Boost demo from AJL Music is up - it sounds INCREDIBLE!! Go check it out and pick one up during the sale! Cosmo Delay demos will be updated soon with a new one from The Visual Guy - his journey through the sonic stars has led to some incredible tonal discovery which you will soon be a part of!!

We have demos in the pipeline, too! UK PLAYERS: PREPARE TO BE INVADED! Dipswitch Demos has an awesome Pink Drive in royal blue tweed ready to rock your socks! Mr. Excane here in the USA also has a Cosmo Delay ready for take off on runway 4. Get it? Well if you don't - you better figure it out.
All I know is that if more people heard these pedals, I wouldn't need a day job. Truth!






IT'S ANOTHER YEAR! 2019 began on a good note with some amazing deals on our pedals during the recent 72 Hour sale. Don't worry if you missed out, we have more great deals coming in February as NAMM approaches.

Teaser coming on Friday 1-25-2019.

Stay tuned, axe-slingers!!



ITS THE HOLIDAYS!! And its time to celebrate w/ 15% off any order using code GARLANDGIFT - with special savings on Christmas Eve/Day!!

Moving onto the latest and greatest in guitar enteratinment - check out our GUITARCASTER PODCAST INTERVIEW and learn more about what goes on in the world of Garland FX!

Also make sure you visit the PEDAL OF THE DAY WEB INTERVIEW w/ yours truly!

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year, axe-slingers!!





Wow! What an incredible last few months we've had here at Garland FX.

First and foremost I'd like to take a moment and shout out to STEAMBOAT AMPWORKS - Houston's premiere custom built guitar/bass amplification headquarters - and OUR FIRST IN-STORE DEALER!! Jake, Juan and the dudes are incredible; their work is amazing, and their attitude towards the player and gear is unrivaled. If you're in the Houston area, do yourself a favor and go visit their shop on Gano st. just north of Downtown; and while you're there make sure you plug into our best selling pedals!! They have the Garland FX stuff you want in stock and priced to sell, with deals that match or even beat our custom shop! (Not to mention EXCLUSIVE 'Captain's Reserve' finishes!).

12-10 THRU 12-24

SAVE 15% off any order! Great way to save if you're out shopping for new gear before the holiday rush. Otherwise, if you want to have a more 'seasonal' experience - let Santa sprinkle some Garland on your pedalboard this Christmas Eve/Day with INSANE Black Friday style deals.

Also, we now have GIFT CERTIFICATES available for purchase up to 100$, which gives the gift of Garland to any of your favorite pedal people.












Rainy Day Chorus,
Symbiote Dual Boost,
Dos Tacos Combo Drive,

All of these listed pedals are set for release - first week of November!



New pedals are coming!!

10-12-2018: ORION Ultra Combo Drive

10-26-2018: RAINY DAY Analog Chorus

Other new designs are coming and are currently being tested. Among these projects are a new updated Dos Armas type Drive pedal with an active EQ (3 bands, master volume). This pedal will incorporate the functions of the original Dos Armas drive section - the Gain Bypass, etc. but now you will be able to expand upon the original 'tubey' drive sounds with an active EQ. A guitar/Bass switch will help to keep things switchable for either camp of player. The EQ itself is very bass friendly, but we have decided to allow the user to control the Input cap of the Dos Armas drive circuit - creating a toggle for bass or guitar operation.

Stay tuned! More to come





use Discount Code: GARLAND15 and save 15% on any order this week until 8-27-2018 on top of the already discounted savings from the Summer Sale





The new PINK DRIVE has really started to take off and it has become a quick fan favorite - these are on sale along with all of the other menu builds until September as part of our Summer Sale.

As of today all pedal ETAs are on time and within the 10 business day deadline - some done in as little as 4 business days! That's one fast custom shop turn-around. A lot of that speed is thanks to our main parts supplier LOVE MY SWITCHES - check them out!!

Rock on, Axeslingers!!






Dear axe-slingers, unfortunately over the past month we have seen a major increase in the price of postage for both domestic and international orders. As of today we can no longer offer discounted international shipping. As a small pedal company it is always our goal to beat the Guitar Centers of the world and get you an awesome pedal at a great price without a lot of extra costs, but lately those costs are becoming too great for our small personal budget.

CANADA/MEXICO - 12-15$ + 5$ per extra pedal
GLOBAL - 18$ + 8$ per extra pedal

These rates may seem high, but you are still saving a few dollars. We hope you all continue to have an awesome summer!










Garland FX was lucky to withstand major flooding and damage from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey - but Houston is in serious trouble and needs our help. This is one of the worst floods in our entire history as a city. Starting today if you order a pedal, 30% of the purchase will be donated to JJ Watt's YouCare Harvey donation fund. They have raised almost 500,000$ but the truth is it will take much much more to bring our city and it's economy back to normal. Now is the greatest time to order a pedal. Give an extra few days for your order to begin processing as USPS will not be running until atleast Thursday/Friday.

If you want to donate to JJ's drive on your own - visit HOUSTON HURRICANE RELIEF FUND



Hey everybody, I took a break this summer to recharge the pedal-build battery. A full disconnect from social media, etc. left everyone thinking we were done for good but we're still here - and we're back and ready to get things rocking for the last months of 2017. Order today and own a Garland pedal for your collection with a weekend of savings







Yo Axe-slingers, check out the @pedaloftheday Pedal of the Day's review of the Dos Armas. As you can see we are still in biz, so no worries there :)